Food and sport

A fit and healthy body is the result of a diet and a fitness regimen. Antonio Bertoglio, personal trainer with 30-year experience, has told us about his job and life habits.

palestraWhat is the main target of a personal trainer? How much does nutrition influence on our life style?
A personal trainer studies a customized training program according to each person’s needs and goals. Food and exercise are crucial since both are essential components for a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition counts for 70%; a balanced and proper diet allows a person to get fit properly and to achieve satisfying results more easily.
What kind of foods should be eaten before training?
Exercising on a full or an empty stomach should both be avoided. I usually advise to have a light lunch; 2 apples half an hour before starting fitness provide the right level of energy for your workout.
What kind of diet should we follow to get fit and stay healthy?
Personal trainers can only give advice and suggestions while nutritionists can prescribe diets. Everyone needs a proper diet, specially tailored to meet their goals and needs; each person is different and there are many factors to be considered to create a customized food plan: constitution medical and health issues, targeted goals…
What are the foods we should ban from our diet? What is the worst habit we should avoid?
We are what we eat – that’s what Taoist philosophy teaches – and our habits influence our body. I wouldn’t use the word “ban”, because it is rather important to use moderation and common sense. Too much fat or processed foods should be avoided, as well as an excess of alcoholic drinks or smoking.
What foods do you always keep in your fridge?
Milk, fruit, fresh vegetables, fish, white meat and parmesan. Since I live near the countryside, I’m able to buy fresh, high-quality products directly from farmers. My fridge will never have high fat or sophisticated cold cuts.
In gyms there are usually vending machines. What do you think about foods with high concentration of minerals, vitamins and proteins?
Today dietary supplements are consumed too often, as well as energy food and beverages. This habit comes from athletes, and these products are indicated only for those people who have to hold a specific muscle mass when their diet is not sufficient. People who regularly exercise and have a proper lifestyle don’t need dietary supplements, because fresh foods and water are sufficient to replenish liquids.

Four easy tips for maintaining a healthy life style

1. Exercise steadily and be careful of what you eat, choose a varying diet with high concentration of fibers.
2. Do not think that if you exercise heavily, you will reach your goals more easily effective results require steady training and time.
3. Ask for a custom training plan to be sure to achieve your goals healthily.
4. Avoid the “do-it-yourself” method because physical exercise without proper physical preparation might worsen previous problems.

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