FaceFridge # 3

When you open the door to someone’s fridge you can learn a lot about their habits, vices and virtues: it’s not just the food, even the quantity and quality and which shelf it’s on can reveal the behind-the-scene details of all our lives. So, tell me about your fridge, and I’ll tell you who you are!

Davide, 32 years old
Veterinary Surgeon
Davide lives on his own but is very careful about what he eats. He is a gym fiend and alternates carbohydrates and protein after a tough workout session. He is also very careful about what OMBRA, his six-month-old kitten, eats and sometimes treats her to some ham.
Kamila,  42 years old
Fashion Product Manager
Originally from Poland, Kamila became an Italian citizen nearly thirty years ago. She loves making alternatives to Italian and Polish cuisine for her children and partner. She always has Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Strolghino salami in her fridge; two traditional products from Piacenza, where she stays at weekends.
Paola, 36 years old
Paola is a true Neapolitan and only uses organic produce or products whose origins she is sure of. It goes without saying that dining at Paola’s house is heaven for the taste buds ….she follows her grandmother’s recipes to the letter.
Tommaso and Caterina, 35 and 33 years old respectively
Married for 5 years
Tommaso’s fridge was only introduced to order and fresh food after he got married. Before that chaos and frozen food reigned supreme.
Andrea, 33 years old
Web Designer
Andrea has been married for a year. He does the shopping once a week and knows exactly what he’s going to eat every day. He rounds off all his evening meals with a glass of chilled Mirto, the Sardinian liqueur, even though he has plenty of in-season fruit and vegetables.

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