FaceFridge # 2

When you open the door to someone’s fridge you can learn a lot about their habits, vices and virtues: it’s not just the food, even the quantity and quality and which shelf it’s on can reveal the behind-the-scene details of all our lives. So, tell me about your fridge, and I’ll tell you who you are!

Dan, 25 years old
Interior Designer
Dan shares a small flat in New York; some of his flatmates are Italian. He often has foreign food in his fridge, which he secretly eats because his hectic city life means he’stoo busy to go shopping.

Davide, 35 years years old
A 360° artist
He rarely cooks and hardly ever goes shopping; that’s why his fridge is often bare. He lives and breathes art, preferring tempera colours to fancy recipes. He only finds time for a plate of pasta or some fruit between one picture and the next.

Francesca, 42 years years old
Everybody knows her as Big Mama, and her kingdom is Ostello Bello’s kitchen in Milan. Every morning, she opens the fridge and creates the day’s menu. She reinterprets traditional dishes and adapts them to italian and foreign tastes.
Giancarlo, 25 years old
Language student
He lives in Stockholm but his grandparents are Italian. He’s not crazy about the Mediterranean diet, and prefers butter, dairy products and takeaway food over fresh fruit and vegetables. His fridge is always stocked with beer for evenings with his friends.

Joeantohony, 23 years old
Web developer
He lives in the States but loves Italian food. He’s just come back from a holiday in Milan where he stocked up on tomato sauce and Parmigiano cheese. He doesn’t love cooking but can make a complete meal with just a few ingredients when he tries.

Damiano, 45 years old
He lives in Malmo, Sweden, but his heart is in Rome. He loves grocery shopping because the Swedish supermarkets Swedes seem like a museum. His fridge is full of healthy and fresh food to ensure his three children enjoy a proper diet.

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