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The 0-emission fridge

Our refrigerators are increasingly more energy efficient, but they contain refrigerant gases that can potentially be pollutants. An idea from the past could now give us a truly green fridge. A green fridge that uses no electricity and contains no harmful gases? It sounds like a modern-day innovation but it …

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Food education without trouble

The Fridge Foundation has interviewed Paolo Crepet, prominent psychiatrist and writer. We met up with him in his resort La Corte della Maestà, located in the small town Civita di Bagnoregio, a unique place in Italy. Situated between the splendid towns of Orvieto and Viterbo, Corte delle Maestà is an …

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Have fun, have lunch!

Teaching kids the importance of a healthy diet is an investment for the future. The nutritionist Cristiana Pozzi explained to us how to teach children about food education. Food education should be introduced to children at early age. How can a family’s behavior influence children’s food habits? Families play an …

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