FaceFridge # 1

When you open the door to someone’s fridge you can learn a lot about their habits, vices and virtues: it’s not just the food, even the quantity and quality and which shelf it’s on can reveal the behind-the-scene details of all our lives. So, tell me about your fridge, and I’ll tell you who you are!

Luca, 31 years old
Key account
He fills up the fridge just before the weekend when he usually organizes dinners with his friends. He chooses selected products to give his guests only the best! Ham from Tuscany, fresh herbs and parmesan. Only genuine Italian food.
In her fridge only fresh in-season foods, organic fruits and vegetables, low-fat cold cuts and fruit juices will be found. Fresh products used for her light and healthy meals.
Daniele, 28 years old
He usually eats out several times a week, so his fridge is only used to store ready foods, surplus or junk food: inside his fridge fruits and vegetables are born, grow and die!

Paola, 32 years old
Mom and Project Leader
Her fridge had always been empty until her baby’s arrival: since then, it has been full of baby foods that she personally makes with organic products. Only healthy foods are used as she is very careful of her little baby’s diet.

Roberto, 25 years old
Off-site Student
Sauces, conserves, cold cuts and friarielli (a type of broccoli, especially used in south Italy), that’s all that he receives from his mom each month. Homemade ready-to-heat foods, an effective way to combat homesickness.

Sabrina, 29 anni
Art Director
She loves cinema and often prepares dishes inspired by French cult movies. She uses smoked salmon and raw fish for her sophisticated dishes. However, the final result is not always Oscar-worthy!

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