Young ideas for food and sustainability

The first international BCFN YES! Young Earth Solutions contest created by the Barilla Center to provide young people with a voice for their best ideas on the subject of “Food and sustainability: how can we reduce our environmental impact while guaranteeing health and access to food for everyone.”

giovani2The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) is a centre that takes a multidisciplinary approach to analysis and ideas with the aim of providing in-depth analysis of the predominant issues associated with food and nutrition around the globe.

Established in 2009, the BCFN listens to society’s current, emergent needs, and gathers experiences, knowledge and skills on a worldwide level to facilitate an ongoing, open dialogue.
giovani5Access to food is one of the primary and fundamental human rights. Where there is not enough food there is no opportunity for a dignified life and this affects the right to health and a peaceful society. So with this knowledge BCFN is renewing its interest in food-related issues for the fourth year running through intense research which aims to continue to constantly listen to these emergencies and bring proposals and recommendations to the attention of the world’s decision- and policy makers. BCFN is committed to creating an open dialogue with leading experts and society by using institutions, research bodies, and businesses, and invites everyone to participate and make a contribution. BCFN firmly believes that analysis, sharing and collation are the best way to invest energy to promote change and plan a better future for humanity and for our planet.


giovani3The BCFN Young Earth Solutions! (BCFN YES!) was launched with the aim of giving a voice to young people and brilliant ideas for food-related issues. It has honoured the Italian Federica Marra, a student at Leiden University (NL), and her “FromOurRoof” project. The project proposes an eco-friendly way to reconvert urban spaces which are now alienated from food production and a new “green” education for citizens. “FromOurRoof” will engage young people from all the OECD countries in an international network of activities combining education, communication and business. They will actively take part in growing, preserving, cooking and selling local produce.
With the use of roof gardens, window farms and “edible” walls, the urban community will be able to supply fresh local produce with proper energy, water and waste management.
giovani4The project is based on a short loop between the producers and consumers, supporting local production and promoting cultural diversity, agricultural tourism and a food culture. Today about 50% of the population of OECD countries lives in urban areas, and this figure is destined to reach 70% by 2050 and this would require agricultural production to increase by 60%. So the objective is to restructure young people’s social responsibility with regard to food and to promote international cultural exchange.

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